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Protect Your Home with a Security System in Fort McMurray

As a homeowner, your top priority is more than likely protecting your home and family. While you’re at work, on vacation or away from your home for any of a host of reasons, that may be difficult.

As a business owner, your priority is protecting your property, livelihood and your employee safety.

A security system from McMurray Computer Experts with recording (both motion-based and continuous) and remote viewing can help provide safety and peace of mind.

Our fully customizable security systems consist of a DVR recorder and as many cameras as you wish to have, though the typical amount of a residential home ranges from 4 to 8 cameras. The full security system package includes:

  • Individual components
  • Cameras
  • DVRs
  • Cables
  • Other accessories to tie into your alarm system

The professionals at McMurray Computer Experts offer various types of equipment for you to choose from in order to best equip your home or business.

Camera Systems

We offer various types of camera systems:


This is the more traditional choice. In this system, each camera puts out a video feed that relays back to a recorder, which can be connected to a network for local or internet access.


This is generally considered the newer/modern type. Each IP camera has a network cable and is treated similar to a computer or web server. The cameras can be configured to work directly with a computer or connect to the internet without a separate recorder. IP is generally more versatile and is easier to install the wiring.

Dome Camera

This is a popular choice because it is considered to be more “vandal-proof.” With a dome camera, a swing from a baseball bat or any other foreign object will deflect off the dome, leaving the internal camera pointed in the proper direction.

Aside from those camera systems, we offer a number of smaller, more discrete options, including:

  • Alarm clocks with built-in cameras
  • Wall-clocks
  • Cameras disguised as smoke detectors, motion detectors, cell phone chargers and more
  • Door peep hole cameras that allow you to see who is at your door
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