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Do You Need Virus Removal in Fort McMurray?
Nearly everyone has experienced the keen frustration of a computer virus. With the proliferation of viruses over the last few years, your chances of contracting one have increased exponentially. At McMurray Computer Experts, our staff will not only remove any virus that is troubling you, but we also can prevent your computer from getting them in the first place.

How Do You Know if You Have a Computer Virus?

At the very least, computer viruses are obnoxious. While the symptoms of a computer virus continue to evolve (much like human viruses), you can probably safely assume you have a computer virus if:

  • Your computer suddenly starts up much more slowly than it normally does. 
  • Likewise for opening documents – is it taking forever for your spreadsheet to open? 
  • Your computer is freezing or crashing
  • You have noticed some missing files, or extra files are showing up

While some of these malfunctions may have something to do with the number of applications you have open and other such variables, these are all good signs of a computer virus.

Viruses Can Be Dangerous!
While the symptoms of a computer virus can be irritating, the results can actually be dangerous and even life-changing. It can feel catastrophic if the virus re-formats or wipes out your hard drive, but you might not even be aware you have a virus as it quietly steals the sensitive information on your computer. Visit an infected website and you (along with the hundreds of others who click on that website) may be giving someone else the power to access your computer when you’re not using it!

What We Can Do

McMurray Computer Experts has the experienced staff it takes to check your computer for viruses you may not even know are there. We’ll scan your hard drive to scour your computer for anomalies, removing any harmful viruses we see and installing legitimate antivirus software from the trustworthy sources we work with every day. In addition, we’ll make sure your antivirus software doesn’t lapse, leaving you vulnerable to attack – we’ll help you re-subscribe when it’s time. If a virus has wiped out your computer, we have the experience and know-how to rebuild it. Call our office and discuss your computer antiviral needs with one of our courteous staff today to keep your vital information secure.

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